Fine Welsh Art on Display at The Fig Tree

8th May 2015

Peter Kettle, a young man from Wales now living and working from Bristol, is one of the rising stars of British art. He is at the start of his career and is already making waves. In 2014 he was voted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Artists and in December that year Moneyweek featured his works, and aligned it with that of Anslem Keifer, whom he holds in the highest regard.

Born in Carmarthen in 1987, Peter knew at 16 that he wanted to pursue art as a passion, but did not consider that it might be his career. He credits his passion for art to his teachers throughout A levels – Nikki Demarco and Nigel Minard – and a UWIC Art Foundation at Cardiff, where he studied under David Gould. These teachers inspired him to research artists that would shape the ideas behind his conceptions today, so he studied the landscapes of William Turner, the industrial compositions of L.S. Lowry, and the mixed media on canvas of Anselm Keifer and Terry Setch. He also grew to admire the works of John Virtue, David Tress and Joan Eardley, and became exposed to the world of abstract expressionism within landscape painting. Peter graduated from Brighton with a degree in Media Studies and English Language and then pursued a career in television/documentary filmmaking, before deciding in 2012 to pursue his passion for art as his profession. He describes making his passion his job as the most exciting transition in his life. 

Meirion Jones was born and brought up in Dyfed, West Wales, the son of Aneurin Jones, a celebrated and much respected Welsh artist. Meirion clearly inherited a natural gift for painting but his style is very much his own. He studied art at college and taught Welsh for a decade at Fishguard High School before throwing his hat into the ring as a full time artist in 2002.

Although fascinated by the Welsh coast and topography, his present theme is that of people watching, or more specifically figurative painting in a particular light and mood. He says that “it is a case of being aware of the extraordinary in everyday life – being mindful, wondering at the beauty in ordinariness, be that an individual lost in a crowd or a solitary figure in time, all facets of the human condition, all creating a narrative.”

After a period of observation and documentation, Meirion takes his studies to the studio where they become points of departure and with a rapid and liberal use of paint something different evolves in quite an unpredictable way. He says that at this point it is unclear whether he is leading the way or whether the painting has assumed a mind of hits own! The result is a spontaneous development, yet retaining the essence of that which initially fired the imagination. Whilst his work is constantly evolving, the spark which ignites the creative process is always light.

Meirion’s style has evolved and has become more simple over recent years, so that he captures the essence of a moment and does not become bogged down in the detail. He says “One of the great appeals of art to me is it isn’t science, it isn’t something that’s got an equals sign at the end of it and an answer, it’s a process in itself, and ultimately you find out things about yourself.” 

The late Sir Kyffin Williams once said that: “Meirion Jones is one of the most naturally gifted painters of his generation.” Praise indeed.

Meirion lives with his wife Joanna and assorted livestock on a smallholding on the west Wales coast. It is no coincidence that the light there is clean and brilliant. He is a native Welsh speaker and has featured in a number of Welsh television programmes about his art. He has also visited and painted the landscapes of Latin America and plans another trip to Patagonia later in 2015.

Thanks to Barry Jones of Big Sky Fine Art for their help in being able to show these wonderful paintings and being able to offer them for sale.

You are welcome to come in and browse the artworks.  If you fall in love with any of them as I have, please feel free to make an offer.

Mike Caplan