Tom Westerland is now 2nd in charge of the kitchen!

1st April 2012

Tom, started with us as a commis chef in October 2010 and has just got better and better.  So much so that when our last head chef left us in early December last year I was having trouble finding exactly what I wanted from a person to lead the team and buy into our ethos of fresh seasonal & local food.   After a while it occured to me that what I was looking for was right under my nose, Tom.  Tom has covered for the chef when on holiday etc and with me overseeing him.

We have also started another couple of people in the kitchen, a commis chef, Andrew and a demi chef de partie, Ashley.  Both have a passion for food, a willingness to learn and an excellent manner that means we have probably the best dynamic in the kitchen that we have had as well as excellent morale.  We are going into the summer season with a strong and capable team.